Mind Your Own Business - global goal for start-up of micro-enterprises

Mind Your Own Business offers development courses for young boys between the ages of 13 and 21 in Greenland and Denmark. In collaboration with volunteer venture pilots from civil society and business partners from the business community, the organization gives boys the opportunity to establish their own micro-enterprise. At work, the boys strengthen their professional and social competencies and gain a stronger connection to the education system and the labor market.

Good support from the business community in Nuuk: With entrepreneurship as the focal point, young boys are offered influence and responsibility for a focused course of eight months, where they must learn to establish their own company, produce their own product and market and sell it. Their business talent is put to the test, they acquire basic business skills, and they are challenged in and motivated to take responsibility and achieve a defined goal.

Since 2010, Mind Your Own Business has engaged 608 boys to establish 67 micro-enterprises.

In January 2019, Mind Your Own Business opened an office in Nuuk. So far, 18 young boys from Nuuk have established three micro-enterprises, with products such as street food, clothes with Greenlandic motifs and an exercise run to strengthen the city's community.

Common to the boys is that there is a personal and responsible message behind their products, which their customers have noticed and agreed with.

Mind Your Own Business is experiencing good support from the business community and civil society in Nuuk and is now starting the third season with two new micro companies in Nuuk.

In 2015, Mind Your Own Business received the Crown Prince Couple's Social Award.

Director and Founder Maria Kavita Nielsen on E-mail: maria.kavita@myob.dk,.dk, Phone: +45 26 11 71 86
Project manager in Greenland Ivalu Nørreslet Rex by E-mail: ivalu.rex@myob.dk,.dk, Phone: 28 58 90

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