Our mission

We want to spread the knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in Greenland, so that even more people can help create a sustainable future. We see the SDG 2030 Agenda as a tool to create wholeness and coherence between the efforts so that we all move in the same direction. Working effectively with the goals presupposes that as many as possible know about them - and that we systematically measure the effect of our efforts.

In 2015, the UN General Assembly in New York adopted 17 new sustainability goals by 2030. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 agenda are global and apply to all countries. The UN's global goals for sustainable development are, by their nature, very broad and overarching, but nevertheless they provide some clear benchmarks for the efforts and priorities that the world community agrees to put on the agenda.

These goals are also of great interest to Greenland. These include children's rights, education for all, equality, peaceful societies and the rule of law, water, energy, the environment and climate, debt development, sustainable resource use and inclusive growth, social cohesion through major reforms and changes in business structure.

Anguniakkavut.gl is the new national communication platform for the work with the world goals and sustainable development in Greenland. Here you will find the latest information about the work with the SDG 2030 Agenda, official translations of the world goals, design templates for download, statistics etc. The portal has been developed and edited by the Department of National Planning in the Ministry of Finance, coordinating the work with sustainable development in the Self-Government.

The new world goals platform disseminates news about the citizens, organizations, companies and authorities that create sustainable solutions - but also adress the challenges that Greenland has in achieving the goals. The portal is a platform where we collect solutions, examples and materials for inspiration for anyone who wants to embrace the World Goals, whether it is in private life, school or at work. We want to make it easy for the people of the country to orient themselves in and get to know the goals, and we want to inspire action locally, municipally and nationally.

Anguniakkavut.gl is financed by funds under the Danish Finance Act granted to Statistics Denmark to provide assistance for Greenland to develop and show progress on SDG indicators. The site thus supports the national follow-up on the SDG 2030 agenda through the display of global and national SDG 2030 indicators, which in the long run will enable comparisons of developments between countries.

This website was developed together with the team at All Aboard that makes it easy to book train travel in Europe for a sustainable future.