Every day, people are taking action to make sure the Global Goals are met. See what’s been going on below.

Glacier flour - a new global fertilizer?

A research project will investigate whether glacial ”flour” from Greenland can revitalize depleted soil, prevent forest burns in the tropics and at the same time create new jobs…

New satellite images has been published

Satellite images of the ice free part of the Greenland has been published

New satellite images has been published

Satellite images of the ice free part of the Greenland has been published

Environmental theme newspaper at Sermitsiaq.AG

The media house Sermitsiaq.AG have published a thematic newspaper on the environment and sustainability

Greenlands first biodiversity strategy is published

The Greenlandic Government has adopted Greenlands first strategy on the area of biodiversity

Royal Arctic Line collaborates on sustainable development

The company’s 2020 CSR report contains an account of the company’s work with sustainable development and its focus on reducing its C02 footprint.

National mapping of the SDG 2030 agenda

Mapping of initiatives, challenges and potentials for future implementation of the UN SDG 2030 agenda in Greenland

Local sustainable development fund

Avannaata Kommunia has set up a pool to support sustainable efforts that contribute to the UN Goals for Sustainable Development.

Naalakkersuisoq Vittus Qujaukitsoq meets with top UN official

Naalakkersuisoq for Finances Vittus Qujaukitsoq met on Tuesday 2 September 2020 with Jens Christian Wandel, to talk about world goals and COVID19. Jens Christian Wandel is the…

Cooperation with Statistics Denmark on the development of indicators

Statistics Denmark will assist Greenland with advice and guidance on the development of statistics and SDG indicators.

ESA supports new satellite research project in Greenland on surface water

Greenland is one of 5 countries selected to participate as an example in a new 2-year research project on mapping surface water resources funded by ESA (European Space Agency).

Greenland - the world's most physically active country in 2030?

The vision of the Greenland Sports Federation GIF, is that Greenland will be the world’s most physically active country in 2030.

Huge interest in the Sustainable Development Goals among Greenlandic organizations and companies

Over the past year, more than 25 companies and organizations have participated in CSR Greenland's training in SDG 2030 Agenda and Sustainability.

School competition held for the Children's Saligaatsoq 2020

School students have submitted their suggestions and ideas about the waste area.

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