Active kids

Let’s move! Use the hashtag #aalasa

The Sports Confederation of Greenland, GIF, first area of focus about the physical activity for children and young people have been strengthened with scientific backup. The National Institute of Public Health, SIF, has published a report that underlines one of GIF goals by documenting an optimistic trend towards GIF’s Vision 2030.

The publication by SIF and University of Southern Denmark, SDU, in cooperation with HBSC Greenland is based on research in 2022 in Greenland with direct data acquisition from Greenlandic children. In this report there are assessments of data outcomes from both Denmark and Greenland.

The biggest discoveries were that more than half of the Greenlandic children live up to recommendations on the amount of physical activity. Comparing data between the two countries concluded that Greenlandic children are more physically active and use less time on sedentary behavior.

Read more about the research and find the report both in Danish and Greenlandic here.

This report is the first of its kind that is usable for future research that also provides the basis for this kind of studies and are encouraging of GIF’s Vision 2030.

The goal for Vision 2030 is to make Greenland the world’s most physically active country, advertising the hashtag #aalasa in social medias. This can be translated to ‘let’s move’ and used in physically active communities in order to share the visibility of GIF’s agenda.

Join us, with the children, and exercise with us. Use the hashtag #aalasa and show we are in this together for the visionary goal and share with your friends or the whole world.

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