Greenland - the world's most physically active country in 2030?

The vision of the Greenland Sports Federation GIF, is that Greenland will be the world’s most physically active country in 2030.

Although today we live in a society with a positive development in many areas, we are unfortunately also part of a global trend where the statistics show an increase in the number of severely overweight combined with a decrease in physical activity in children and adults. Not only does this development influence lifestyle diseases and other comorbidities, but we lose the many good effects that physical activity and the social interaction connected to the activities provide to both the individual and society as a whole.

The Greenland Sports Confederation sees physical activity as a means of creating positive change in the country with the vision that Greenland will be the world's most physically active country by 2030.

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GIF Visionen 2030 (DK)

We will strengthen the mental and physical condition of the entire population through physical activity – from cradle to grave. This means that we must now focus on all aspects of human life; from nursery, kindergarten, schools, workplaces, leisure to old age. By strengthening the interest in movement and physical activity, both society's and the individual's preconditions for living a good life are strengthened.

The Greenland Sports Confederation is inspired by the UN's global goals for sustainable development and in particular the goals 3. Health and Well-being, 4. Quality education and 17. Partnerships for action are central to their strategic focus.

The Greenland Sports Confederation is aware that it requires an entire society to turn the picture around and create positive change. An ambitious vision like this is achieved only through a joint and targeted effort. For the first four years, there will therefore be a focus on gathering and uniting the people in this country around the vision; to create a sustainable foundation that can enable more people to become physically active and more people to have the opportunity to live a good life. Good progress has already been made. In the summer of 2020 Greenland Sports Confederation and Qeqatta Kommunia aggreed upon a partnership agreement and a joint commitment to realize the vision.

You can read more about the Vision and Strategy 2023: A country gathered around the vision on GIF's website.

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