The University of Greenland’s SDGs

Greenlands University, Ilisimatusarfik, has decided together which SDGs to focus on.

The university held an event during 21st to 23rd of march this year, a workshop was attended by students and employees where they decided which SDG’s they should focus on forward. The workshop began first and foremost with an introduction of the UNLEASH concept to the 16 participants from different departments inside the institute, the working programme was scheduled, and there were organizers present. After the workshop there were made plans for Ilisimatusarfiks future work that led to a follow-up in September 2023.

Read about the workshop here.

In Ilisimatusarfik there were decided to focus on seven SDGs, with descriptions on their approach of these goals. They want to ensure, promote, act and strengthen various topics about the global goals through work and research, including the students.

In their goals about good health and well-being, are four bullet points describing about work to be able to offer online education and, work to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and local (indigenous) knowledge – through this, indigenous knowledge should also be recognized. There are furthermore descriptions underneath all global goals as quality education, decent work and economic growth, as well as sustainable cities and communities and several topics.

Read more about the SDGs on focus here.

Besides these goals and approach on these goals, there are existing research-based publications. The publications are published in the recent years and has relevance to sustainability and FNs global goals. The publications that are available today are about social sustainability, Greenlands culture traditions and sustainable development, which you can read more about in the link below.

Read the publications here.