National mapping of the SDG 2030 agenda

Mapping of initiatives, challenges and potentials for future implementation of the UN SDG 2030 agenda in Greenland

Process and preparation

For the winter meeting 2021, a Survey of the UN Goals for Sustainable Development was distributed to Inatsisartut. The report stems from a query debate in Inatsisartut (EM2017/120) about how Greenland relates to the UN goals and possibly be able to implement these. The Naalakkersuisut has prepared the map of national initiatives, challenges and potentials for sustainable development and future opportunities to implement and report on the global goals. The survey provides an overview of how Greenland stands in relation to the UN goals, by looking at existing initiatives and projects. In addition, a number of recommendations for follow-up and process are pointed out, based on existing initiatives and projects.

Messages and recommendations

Overall, the survey shows that the UN Goals are already linked to existing national initiatives to varying degrees. However, there is a need for closer coordination of efforts, both strategically and operationally, which the world goals can help to establish. In short, the UN Goals have a potential as a new framework of understanding that can challenge us to establish collaborations and new partnerships and think new in relation to the current and future issues and opportunities that Greenland faces.

Responsibility for solutions in connection with anchoring sustainability initiatives and implementing the goals is located at the line ministries. However, it is recommended that strategic coordination takes place from a central level by among other things:

1) to convey the world goals and the official Greenlandic icons and translations of the world goals

2) arrange and disseminate various national events

3) ensure the display of the statistical progress

4) prepare learning materials about the world goals

Against this background, it is recommended that the Naalakkersuisut should follow up on the mapping by drawing up a coherent strategy for the further implementation of the world goals. Such a strategy, across professional ministries and sectors, aims to establish the overall framework and principles for future work to ensure and support sustainable development in Greenland.

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