SDG 2030 ensures local involvement in Tasiilaq

“We work together in Tasiilaq” - an SDG-2030 based co-creative program to support the development of good living conditions and sustainable lives, for children and young people in Tasiilaq district.

“We collaborate in Tasiilaq” (“Tasiilami Suleqatigiippugut”), is an eight-year locally based development course in Tasiilaq, based on Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq's SDG framework for the municipality's strategic development. The process is citizen-led, where the Local Committee is at the forefront of the direction in which the city is to be developed. The goal is to create better and more sustainable living conditions for children and young people in Tasiilaq. When working with the SDG goals as a framework, this means that the work addresses many different places, and connects areas that are otherwise often kept separate from each other.

This means that e.g. collaborates with the Local Committee, Igdlo (Ungdommens Kulturhus), associations in the city, departments of the administration, the school, enthusiasts, the health service, contacts in Nuuk and in Denmark. And this means that areas such as education, safety in the city, snowy owls, sustainable housing, early intervention for young mothers, sustainable urban development, talent management, development of new professions, etc. all belong in the development work. A catalog of ideas has been prepared of ideas and initiatives that you can imagine will be useful and / or necessary.

In Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, they work on the basis of a citizen involvement strategy, among other things with the help of the digital citizen involvement platform Kommunefiga.Citizens 'participation helps to ensure the quality of decisions that have a direct or indirect influence on citizens' everyday lives. Tasiilami Suleqatigiippugut is working, of course, to spread the use of the Kommunefiga platform in the local development of the Tasiilaq district. We see both the citizen involvement strategy and Kommunefiga, as elements that support the realization of SDG goal 17 - partnership for action.

Head of Development Pernille Thorup by email: