Global Goals create focus on competence development and well-being

The SULISA + concept, which focuses on human ressource, management competencies, collaboration, well-being and retention among Royal Greenland's employees, will be a significant focus area in 2020.

In 2015, the SULISA project was first launched in Royal Greenland. The project aimed to create greater well-being and retention among Royal Greenland's factory workers through a focus on introduction, instruction and communication.

The project has been further developed in recent years and is now a fixed concept called SULISA +. The concept consists of a larger course for the individual factories, where both management skills, collaboration and team building are on the program over several days. In 2020, field of thought and trauma therapy will also be considered in the course, as will partners such as the Bank of Greenland, SISA and SIK participants with presentations on personal finance, pensions and labor rights.

During the SULISA + courses, topics related to both working life and private life are in focus, which together aim to strengthen cooperation, togetherness, motivation and well-being in the workplace.

Sara Biilmann Egede,