Successful local collaboration with Saligaatsoq 2020

Local collaboration crucial to success with a nationwide Saligaatsoq.

All cities and some settlements have once again proved that cooperation is the way to success. CSR Greenland would like to thank the local stakeholders and planning groups who are essential for a clean-up day to be held. A planning group usually consists of local businesses, the municipality and volunteers.

Other countries have had to cancel their clean-up days this year due to Covid-19, but with clear guidelines, CSR Greenland has ensured the holding of clean-up days in Greenland.

The project works to make Saligaatsoq a locally founded clean-up day, which is repeated every year. This year, we have noticed that local Local Committees have begun to take on the task. The companies have been faithful to donate necessary materials and prizes. Volunteers have also started clearing themselves in the local area as soon as the snow has melted and are increasingly demanding clean-up days and schemes for the free disposal of collected waste.

For Saligaatsoq 2021, the project will work to prepare materials that must be ready for use to support self-driving planning groups. However, this still means that the local municipality and companies must cooperate with the planning groups for it to be a success.

If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact CSR Greenland at