Substitution and recycling of fish tubs

Royal Greenland is developing a new and more sustainable method for their fish tubs by substituting multiplastic tubs with monoplastic tubs so that they can be repaired and recycled.

Today, fishing tubs consist of polyethylene (PE) with a core of polyurethane (PUR), whereby they achieve a good insulating effect. In our efforts to be able to reuse or recycle used fishing tubs, we are phasing out PE / PUR tubs now and in the future we are substituting these with PE / PE tubs, ie. where the outer container walls are made of PE and the core is also made of PE. This will make it possible to recycle the material. The new type of plastic containers/tubs is generally used in the food industry and has some insulating effect.

The best solution is always to repair and reuse. The new PE / PE tubs we buy for our production units in Greenland will in the future be able to be repaired and then granulated. Thus, our goal of recycling is met.

Lisbeth Due Schônemann-Paul,