Environmental theme newspaper at Sermitsiaq.AG

The media house Sermitsiaq.AG have published a thematic newspaper on the environment and sustainability

The newspaper (only in Greenlandic and Danish) contains articles, information and knowledge about the environment and sustainable about e.g.

  • The coalition agreement between IA and Naleraq
  • The National Clean-up Day Saligaatsoq
  • Many companies 'and municipalities' efforts and work with sustainability.
  • For examples, below here (nr. 1-6):
  1. circular economy and recycling of fishing gear
  2. use of electric cars
  3. preparation of CSR policies and CSR reporting
  4. Local sustainable development pool
  5. new waste incineration plants
  6. how the UN Sustainable Development Goals creates a common understanding and make it easy to work with sustainability

Naalakkersuisoq for Finances and Domestic Affairs talks about the work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Mapping of the Sustainable Development Goals published in February 2021 and states:

"The work provides a good basis for further discussions on how to spread and develop the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our society. The Naalakkersuisut will continue to work to ensure that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are anchored in our society. […] It is a signature project for Naalakkersuisut. ”