National sector plans to be coordinated with SDG 2030 agenda

The SDG 2030 agenda is implemented in the work on national sector plans.

The national follow-up and implementation of the SDG 2030 agenda can advantageously be closely linked to the already ongoing work of developing joint public, national sector plans. This ensures that sustainable development is the starting point and is an integral part of the strategies in all sectorplans.

As described in the National Plan Report 2015 “The necessary coordination”, sector planning is a central component in national planning containing (for each individual sector) the Naalakkersuisut's goals for the future physical and functional development in the country. In this way, the overall sector planning reflects the country's geographical structure and challenges and at the same time provides an idea of ​​how the development potentials can be realized. The sector plans also reflect - and are coordinated with - the regional challenges that the municipalities work with in the physical planning in the municipal plan.

There are many benefits to strategically linking and integrating the work of sustainable development closely with the physical planning and planning system. The Planning Act establishes one national, logical, coherent system from a national strategic level all the way down to the individual area allocation or building permit in the municipalities,

By applying and expanding the existing one, the development of parallel non-coherent systems is avoided. The individual sector areas will be able to find inspiration for national objectives for their areas in the world goals. The same applies to the data basis behind or under the individual sector plans. When it makes sense, one will be able to squint at the global indicators and perhaps incorporate relevant global indicators as important data sets.

At Nunagis you can read more about the work with the national sector plans and the SDG 2030 agenda.

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