THE BANK OF GREENLAND as a business partner for Mind Your Own Business

In the autumn of 2020, the BANK of Greenland will make business mentors available for the third time to boys who want to start a micro-enterprise.

What do you get out of the partnership?

Carsten Th. Pedersen, Director of Administration at the BANK of Greenland:

“Our talented employees get the opportunity to be a role model for some young boys and thereby motivate them to set some goals and benchmarks in life as a young person and teenager. Each and every one we can help will in the long run benefit Greenland - and that is, among other things. in the way we are trying to benefit Greenland now. ”

End the sentence: Partnership between us creates…

Ivalu Nørreslet Rex, Project Manager in Mind Your Own Business, Nuuk:

“… For the boys an increased belief that there is a labor market that wants them and can inspire them to choose a professional direction in the long term. The partnership thus makes a huge difference for the boys in Mind Your Own Business and in the development of their micro-enterprises. ”

Managing Director Carsten Th. Pedersen by e-mail: