ESA supports new satellite research project in Greenland on surface water

Greenland is one of 5 countries selected to participate as an example in a new 2-year research project on mapping surface water resources funded by ESA (European Space Agency).

The project has been named WorldWater. The overarching goal of WorldWater is to empower national and regional authorities and institutions with earth observation data and tools to better monitor their water resources and report on the global SDG 2030 Agenda - particularly reporting on Global Goal 6.

The WorldWater project will complement a number of existing global datasets by offering a national / regional perspective for surface water monitoring. The project will develop new EO methods and tools that utilize all freely and openly accessible satellite data streams of optical and radar satellite images and combine them with inland water level observations from satellite radar altymetry to offer integrated EO solutions for monitoring surface water changes, both in scope and volume.

Following a tender, ESA has chosen to award the contract to carry out the project to a consortium led by DHI GRAS (Denmark) with GeoVille (Austria), GISAT (Czech Republic), GRID-Arendal (Norway) and the Technical University of Denmark (Denmark). as partners. From Greenland, the Department of National Planning and Greenland's Preliminary Studies coordinates the Asiaq project.

For further information please contact Senior Project Manager at DHI GRAS, Christian Tøttrup by e-mail: